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Thank you for joining us. This podcast is primarily designed to speak to union issues that affect CUPE Local 37/38 members. Be it Local, Provincial, National, and between inter-union interactions.

These currently are the views of myself and not the views of the union or its current President. This is a fulfillment of my last campaign promise to try to reach out to more members through the use of a podcast.

Nov 26, 2018

Calling into the employer as sick or after an accident shouldn't be difficult. Yet many of us think we have to pretend over the phone or tell people way more than they need to know. A proper claim is simple. A suspicious claim is hard. Why not try simple?

Nov 24, 2018

Every year people don't get the maximum benefits they are entitled to. This process will get you your HSA back in your pocket before it resets.

Nov 23, 2018

Just an update on some episodes and events coming up.