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Thank you for joining us. This podcast is primarily designed to speak to union issues that affect CUPE Local 37/38 members. Be it Local, Provincial, National, and between inter-union interactions.

These currently are the views of myself and not the views of the union or its current President. This is a fulfillment of my last campaign promise to try to reach out to more members through the use of a podcast.

Nov 24, 2021

With only a few technical glitches and over 2000 in attendance virtually, yesterday will be the tone for tomorrow. The word of the day will be control. That can be a good thing in context.

I think we may see some bonkers debate, but for the most part convention is going off without a hitch. A BC President is running unopposed. The Secretary Treasurer is a lock for Ontario. Makes me want to learn French every time I go to these.