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Thank you for joining us. This podcast is primarily designed to speak to union issues that affect CUPE Local 37/38 members. Be it Local, Provincial, National, and between inter-union interactions.

These currently are the views of myself and not the views of the union or its current President. This is a fulfillment of my last campaign promise to try to reach out to more members through the use of a podcast.

Mar 30, 2020

First off I am deeply saddened that you or someone you know has been either laid off or terminated.

Yesterday March 30, 2020, many of our members who are listed as Temporary Part/Full Time, and On-call employees received a phone call and email which informed them that they are laid off with recall or terminated. What...

Mar 25, 2020

Here it is as promised. Me reading an LOU. Not Exciting in the least.

Mar 11, 2020

I was not told this would be at tonight's meeting. When it is signed and public I will share it with you. No changes to the document that was presented in February. I'm sorry to those I told there was not going to be a meeting tonight on the LOU. I had incorrect information and I made sure to voice my concerns to...